A Lighting Forest

by Attombri

Fioraio / Punta Conterie Green Boutique presents — on the occasion of The Venice Glass Weeks 2022 — A Lighting Forest, an installation of twelve small, medium and large suspended chandeliers made by Attombri with glass beads fixed together with metal elements and details of...

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Maravee Circus 2022

FESTIVAL MARAVEE CIRCUS 2022 Gymnastic bodies and theatrical exploits: art stages places and people   A challenge in the name of the solid re-start of the arts sector but with it’s heart turned towards the public. In the conviction that art must take on today more than ever, a...

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Maravee dress

  Sparkling, explosive, colorful, ironic and seductive! The 19th edition of the Maravee Festival, entitled Dress, concentrates three events in July. In Grado, the Colloredo Castle and Gemona.     Limits and difficulties always offer the opportunity to face stimulating challenges – says the artistic...

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Exploded and recreated

Festival Maravee Object 2019

Festival Maravee Object is back at Castello di Susans in Majano [ Ud ] presenting its core event / exhibition Exploded and recreated opened on November 8th, 2019. Exploded – metaphorically or really – and Recreated, with other materials and different thoughts, either defunctionalized or put...

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The Age of Remedy

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, just a few kilometres away, two important artistic entities exist side by side: VIGNE MUSEUM Cultural Association and RAVE East Village Artist Residency. Both, united by a similar and complementary vision, investigate the emergencies of our time through contemporary art and...

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Here comes the last stop of Maravee Mind with the collective exhibit “La cura”, opening January 26th 2018 in Koper (Slovenia) at Galerija Loža.

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Faces, places, testimonies to re-read the Trentino region though the history and life of those who have contributed – with their works – to make it worldwide known and esteemed. The journey of “Ritratti” (Portraits) – the new section of the online newspaper of the...

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Change, surprise, marvel. From everyday life to contemporary art, Maravee Festival, created and directed by Sabrina Zannier and manageg by Associazione culturale Maravee, gets to the 15th edition with Maravee Ludo. Il gioco in arte, teatro e danza: piattaforma della vita tra regole e volo libero, on show from...

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