A journal for the future born out of Spring 2020.
An ode to meditative thoughts and intimate creativity.

Your Private collects contributions coming from artists, designers, philosophers, journalists shaped by the urgency of an idea, by the revelation of an old talent in response to extraordinary events, flashes of current facts to read and on which to leave a mark.

Your Private / Spring 2020 features an unprecedented period through contributions by:c

Giuseppe Stampone
Paola Tassetti
Marco Tagliafierro 
Erika Pittis
PiattoUnico by Emanuela Sala
Fabrice Hyber
COLLANEvrosi by Lodovica Fusco
Federico Peri
Monica Lundy
Valentina Guidi Ottobri
Goldschmied & Chiari   
Blaž Peršin
Isabelle Valembras-Dahirel
Gianluigi Colin
Lisa Corva
Reanne Leuning
Chiara Ronzani
Fulvia Carmagnini
Christian Fogarolli
Pieroni – Stiefelmeier
Cristina Galliena Bohman



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