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Atemporary is a communication and advisory Studio in the field of design and contemporary art founded by Samantha Punis and Giovanna Felluga with the aim to propose a personalized approach to the sector of design and art.

A common vision on the role of creativity nowadays allows the Studio to stimulate a constructive dialogue between Companies and contemporary art, design, hybrid research areas and new creative languages. A work underpinned by a strong network of relations and by the fundamental contribution of specialized collaborators.

The Studio’s customers are designers, architects, cultural institutions and especially firms investing in research and design and believing in the hybridization of different forms of creativity. These companies embrace new production philosophies and invest in new communication ideas.

Design Exibition Projects

Samantha Punis — Design Consultant and Head of Press Office activities — works with companies, cultural events and the world of creativity at large. As consultant, she develops alternative product or concept promotion strategies, curates exhibitions and specific projects in the sector of design, art design and hospitality.

She is co-curator together with Ilaria Ruggiero of Light Blowing a celebration of lighting design within hand-blown glass.

Other projects: Ironically Iconic  /  Austrian Glass Core  /  Purho — Ca’ Pisani 2018 /    Purho — Ca’ Pisani 2019   Atemporary Apartment  /  Design.Ve 2016 

Contemporary Art Advisory

Giovanna Felluga — art advisor and independent curator —  collaborates with Institutions and Companies. As cultural mediator she works to set up projects involving international artists and entrepreneurs aimed at stimulating new relational and creative dynamics within a company.

Giovanna Felluga is curator of Wall&decò with CARTEdition by AtemporaryStudio, a contemporary art project created to explore the relationship between art and wall covering through a collection of artist’s projects on wallpaper with a high cultural value. 

Specialized in art / enterprise projects, she works as: cultural mediator for D / A / C (Shared Artistic Denomination), an initiative conceived by RAM radioartemobile; artistic director of the Vigne Museum, Yona Friedman‘s artistic-architectural project with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle; scientific coordinator for Giovanardi 10×100 contemporary art factory.

Research is also transferred to the academic world with the teaching of Art Anthropology at the Trentino Art Academy.

Press Office

Press office activities for companies and cultural events related to design and contemporary art is the result of decades of experience in the world of communication at an international level.

Opening dialogues, building bridges and sharing ideas and narrations is the model chosen by the studio to stimulate the dissemination of valuable content.

A wide network of contacts, collaborators and the necessary dynamism dictated by the evolution of the media are the tools of a daily practice activated to build the identity and the visibility of customers, business partners and high-profile cultural institutions.


Perfect plus of the more technical Press office, Public Relations represent a key skill of the Studio thanks to a capillarity of contacts developed on an international scale.

The dual nature characterising AtemporaryStudio – enterprise and cultural world, journalism and critisism, high circulation and personal approach – has allowed the Studio to enlarge its network in a sprawling and heterogeneous manner.



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