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In Friuli Venezia Giulia, just a few kilometres away, two important artistic entities exist side by side: VIGNE MUSEUM Cultural Association and RAVE East Village Artist Residency. Both, united by a similar and complementary vision, investigate the emergencies of our time through contemporary art and culture, from the environmental situation to the relationship between species, imagining biocentrism as a cultural, social and economic attitude.

RAVE is a project which opens a dialogue on the role of contemporary art towards animal otherness and on the need for re-thinking from a bio centric and anti-species perspective. At RAVE the encounters between human and non-human animals, between individual sensibilities and interdisciplinary dialogues, between the research process of artists and the gaze of the absolutely other, give life to a plurality of new and experimental visions.


The Vigne Museum is an artistic-architectural structure, a great museum dedicated to the vine and the landscape located among the historic vineyards of Rosazzo, in the heart of the Colli Orientali of Friuli, created in 2014 by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle for the centenary of Livio Felluga, patriarch of Friuli viticulture. From this year the Vigne Museum will be directed by the cultural association of the same name, which focuses its programme, by means of an assortment of events, on the interdisciplinary nature of art, architecture and science.

Vigne Museum by Yona Friedman e Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, ph. Luigi Vitale

RAVE and Vigne Museum collaborate for the first time in the realisation of The Age of Remedy programme of meetings, debates and exhibitions, curated by Isabella and Tiziana Pers (founders of RAVE), Elda Felluga, (President of Vigne Museum Cultural Association) and Giovanna Felluga (artistic director of Vigne Museum).

From 8 to 16 June 2019, in the respective headquarters of the Borgo di Soleschiano and of Rosazzo, in the province of Udine, representatives of the worlds of art, science and philosophy will come together to relate, on the basis of their own research and experience, how their respective areas of competence are developing alongside the evolution of our planet.

The central theme will be climate change.

Stefano Mancuso (plant neurobiologist), Leonardo Caffo (philosopher), Giovanni Delù (art and horticulture gardener at the Palace of Versailles) and Giuseppe Stampone (artist) are just some of the names that will participate in this event to reflect on our role as an integral part of nature, on future landscapes, and on the possibility of coexistence with other life forms, regardless of the way in which they experience the world.

On 8 June at 16.30, the event will start inside the Vigne Museum with the inauguration of The Architecture of Intelligence, a RAVE project by Giuseppe Stampone with the participation of Dom Mimi, thus creating the symbolic point of connection of the entire initiative.

An encounter with the architecture of Yona Friedman inspired an unpublished project by Giuseppe Stampone, which can be visited until Sunday June 16, made up of a series of drawings in open dialogue with Friedman’s structures and presented together with photographs by Dom Mimi in order to create a genuine emotional map.

The Architecture of Intelligence forms part of a more extensive and articulated project which Giuseppe Stampone is making within the RAVE residence.

The programme will continue under the banner of contemporary art. From 17.00 to 20.00 the wide-ranging exhibition Animâi Libars will be open to the public , a retrospective presenting some of the works created since 2011 by the artists in residence, including: Regina José Galindo, Igor Grubić, Ivan Moudov, Adrian Paci, Diego Perrone and Nada Prlja. The video works will be on show in the RAVE headquarters, in Borgo Vegetariano di Soleschiano, Manzano (UD), located within the rural charm of the Friuli countryside and home to some of the animals that were saved from the slaughterhouse and consumerist mechanisms thanks to the actions of Tiziana Pers through her artistic practice Art History.

The round table titled Imagining beyond species, curated by RAVE East Villa Artists Residency, will be the first opportunity for many of the guests at the event to meet and discuss with members of the public. At 18.00, always at RAVE, Isabella Pers (artist and co-founder of RAVE) will introduce: Leonardo Caffo (philosopher), Daniele Capra (art critic and curator), Gino Colla (collector, founder of OnArt), Mirta d’Argenzio (art historian), Federica La Paglia (art critic and curator), Marinella Paderni (art critic and curator), Giuseppe Stampone (artist), Domenico Stinellis (photographer), Antonello Tolve (theorist and art critic), Marianna Tonelli (student, FridaysForFuture).

The following weekend, beginning on Saturday 15 June at 11.00, the spotlight will move again to the Vigne Museum with the public meeting, organized by the Cultural Association of the same name, part of the Future Landscapes Cycle at Vigne Museum, entitled Planet Revolution, hosted in the Abbey of Rosazzo a few steps from the building designed by Yona Friedman with Jean Baptiste Decavèle. Moderated by Patrizia Catalano (journalist and curator) the speakers will be Giovanni Delù (art and horticulture gardener at the Palace of Versailles), Pietro Gaglianò (art critic and curator), Stefano Mancuso (plant neurobiologist), Daniele Puppi (artist), Marisa Sestito (vice president, Giant Trees Foundation) and Giuseppe Stampone (artist).

The event will end in a convivial and festive mood, Sunday June 16th at 11.30 am, when the food designer Annagiola Gaglianò will make a Vegan Cooking Show in Borgo di Soleschiano, a tribute to RAVE and to its strong identity linked to the topic of animals.

The event is sponsored by the No Man’s Land Foundation, of which Yona Friedman is Honorary President.
Vigne Museum and its activities are supported by
The Livio Felluga Company in the role of main sponsor. RAVE is made possible with the support of The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in collaboration with All/Università degli Studi di Udine, L’Officina, Trieste Contemporanea, Gallinae in Fabula, Musiz Foundation with Vulcano as Main Partner.

Many organisations working in the area have joined as technical sponsors helping to strengthen the relationship with the fabric of the local economy and institutions in order to encourage the active involvement of local people: Biolab Vegetarian & Vegan Organic Food, Agriturismo Vegetariano Al Rôl ai Conti di Maniago da Anna e B&B and Birra Agricola Lippo.



Rosazzo e Soleschiano di Manzano – Udine

June, 8th – 16th, 2019


Curated by
RAVE East Village Artist Residency

VIGNE MUSEUM Cultural Association

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