Condello / Caduta e rinascita – Fall and Rebirth

  A full-bodied and complex project based on the dialogue between contemporary sculpture and prestigious architectural and archaeological sites, Caduta e Rinascita (Fall and Rebirth) — under the artistic direction of Sabrina Zannier — has the artist Calogero Condello as its leading player, engaged in...

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Exploded and recreated

Festival Maravee Object 2019

Festival Maravee Object is back at Castello di Susans in Majano [ Ud ] presenting its core event / exhibition Exploded and recreated opened on November 8th, 2019. Exploded – metaphorically or really – and Recreated, with other materials and different thoughts, either defunctionalized or put...

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Giovanardi: 10×100 Contemporart Art Factory

To celebrate the centenary of activity, the historic Lombard company Giovanardi – specialized in the design and production of displays, installations, shop windows and shop-in-shops – opens its production areas to the public for 10×100 Contemporary Art Factory exhibition: a new project born after a...

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The Age of Remedy

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, just a few kilometres away, two important artistic entities exist side by side: VIGNE MUSEUM Cultural Association and RAVE East Village Artist Residency. Both, united by a similar and complementary vision, investigate the emergencies of our time through contemporary art and...

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Verde repiro

Maravee Object - Festival Maravee, XVIII edition

MARAVEE, the contemporary art and entertainment festival conceived and directed by Sabrina Zannier returns with a new and overwhelming edition from May 2019 to February 2020. Fresh, unexpected, in between art and design, the 18th edition of the festival will not betray expectations by confirming...

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Festival Maravee 2018 - XVII edition

The intense series of events marked Maravee, the festival conceived and directed by Sabrina Zannier now in its 17th edition, will be back starting from August. Characterized since the very beginning by an artistic language open to contaminations between disciplines, Maravee doesn’t betray the expectations...

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