WITHIN WITHOUT by Patrick Tuttofuoco

Donatella Pellini presents

Donatella Pellini



by Patrick Tuttofuoco
art project on wallpaper
part of Wall&decò with CARTEdition*

Spazio Pellini
via Morigi 9 – Milan

Milan Design Week 2023
18 — 23 April 2023
10 am — 8 pm

A story of intertwining memories, the personal ones of Patrick Tuttofuoco and those of Donatella Pellini. A connection that has its roots in the past and returns today, almost eighty years later, with the site-specific installation of WITHIN WITHOUT — the art project on wallpaper created by Patrick Tuttofuoco for Wall&decò with CARTEdition — in the Spazio Pellini in via Morigi on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023.

Patrick Tuttofuoco’s work tells a life story. The necklaces found by the artist in a drawer bring back memories of grandmothers linked by a string of pearls in 1950s Milan: Nella Tuttofuoco, a famous pearl threader, and Emma Caimi Pellini, a creator of bijoux.

The Spazio Pellini in Via Morigi 9 in the heart of the 5 Vie – one of the places that has written part of the history of contemporary jewellery in Italy and around the world – once again this year presents itself as an eclectic space in which the languages dear to the world of jewellery, art and design establish new modes of dialogue and connection. On this occasion, wallpaper will frame the necklaces from the Pellini archive depicted in the work/wallcovering enriched by an installation created by Donatella Pellini especially for the occasion.

‘Within Without’ takes us ideally into the boundless cosmos as opposed to the intimate, private, domestic space. The soil of Mars provides the backdrop for giant, oversized jewellery that bears witness to the collaboration between Emma Caimi Pellini and Nella Tuttofuoco, which today lives again in the unusual encounter between Donatella Pellini and Patrick Tuttofuoco.

The initiative is a collaboration between Donatella Pellini, Wall&decò and AtemporaryStudio.

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