CREAttivo #4

Arte e Impresa FVG in Cammino

Museo di Santa Chiara Corso Giuseppe Verdi 18, Gorizia 7th september – 1st october 2023     The exhibition CREAttivo #4 Arte e Impresa in Cammino — third stage of the project devoted to a concrete interface between mosaic art, business, design and higher educational...

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Venice Design Biennial 2023

After the Milano Design Week 2023, Purho has chosen Venice and more precisely the 4th edition of the Venice Design Biennial to launch Stua, the new tray by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba as part of Laguna Collection, and to re-present the new low-tables Angel designed by Paritzki&Liani...

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by Paritzki&Liani

  “ “Angel represents a kind of small rebellion against  the “prohibition of the difficult”,  trying to bring Murano glass  to its maximum technique and material modelling, to compose an object that is a place of light,  between one act and another in everyday life”...

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A Lighting Forest

by Attombri

Fioraio / Punta Conterie Green Boutique presents — on the occasion of The Venice Glass Weeks 2022 — A Lighting Forest, an installation of twelve small, medium and large suspended chandeliers made by Attombri with glass beads fixed together with metal elements and details of...

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Laguna Collection and Uma Collection

A new disruptive collaboration for two new collections designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Laguna Collection, a free-hand creation of nine Murano Glass vases moulded by the wind and tides and Uma Collection, a capsule of five tables featuring resin tops in different shapes and dimensions and...

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Ludovica+Roberto Palomba x Purho

LAGUNA COLLECTION … a free-hand creation “It is a great thrill to continue our personal and intimate investigation on Murano. Today, in collaboration with Purho, we want to tell and represent the nature of the elements through glass and its materiality” — Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Fluid...

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Incisioni Collection by Federico Peri

PURHO presents LINEAE MINI the new vase from the Collection INCISIONI by Federico Peri A few months after the launch of Haute and Petite, Purho launches Linae Mini, a small-sized vase designed by Federico Peri to complete the Incisioni collection, which consists of table lights,...

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by Federico Peri

Purho doubles up and chooses two locations, two events and two cities – Milan and Venice – to present Essenziali, the new collection of Murano glass vases designed by Federico Peri, in September 2021. The energy of design, imagination, ingenuity and the skills of artistic...

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