Wall&decò with CARTEdition


Wall&decò and AtemporaryStudio have chosen the Milano Design Week 2022 to present CARTEdition, a contemporary art project created to explore the relationship between art and wall covering through a collection of artist’s projects on wallpaper with a high cultural value.

Under the idea and curatorship of Giovanna Felluga and the involvement of the artistsFabrice Hyber, LABINAC (a collective founded by Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves and Kai-Morten Vollmer with the participation of artists/designers Jone Kvie, Elisa Strinna, Philip Modersohn), Liliana Moro, Riccardo Previdi, Francesco Simeti, Donatella Spaziani and Patrick Tuttofuoco, CARTEdition intends to offer new solutions for contemporary living.

Parts of the Wall&decò production line known as Edition – which gathers together capsule collections created together with the big names of design, lifestyle, fashion and art – with CARTEdition wallpaper, in addition to an element of decoration it also becomes an artistic tool, a medium used to extend the path of research to new frontiers of art production and fruition, enriching environments with cultural stimuli and new inspirations.

A collection destined to be enriched year by year, “unlimited” but numbered. The projects are not patterns but full-scale images that are offered in large format, 5.40 x 3.60 metres, for an immersive effect of great scenic impact.

An initiative whose added value lies in the curatorial approach focused on the analysis and development of “habitable” works of art. In fact, the invited artists consider the work as an integral part of the space that hosts it, transforming the artistic action into a fragment of everyday life.

“Another aspiration of the research conducted in CARTEdition lies in the desire to strive for a cultural and value-based regeneration of society. At a time when the home has long been the sole reference point for our days, the artists’ experimentation opens up new possibilities for cohabitation with the artwork for an enrichment of life in its simplest, most intimate and domestic manifestations.” – Giovanna Felluga

CARTEditon is a concrete example of how art and business can work together for the creation of new modes of production and new cultural stimuli. A path of openness to new languages that Wall&decò has led with skill and vision in a constructive exchange with the artists involved.

“Every artistic expression is a seed for the virtuous evolution of humanity, to which Wall&decò wishes to contribute with CARTEdition. It is a project perfectly “embedded” in the ambitious and forward-looking vision of our company.” – Christian Tomadini Managing Director of Wall&decò.

Born as a project on the boundaries of disciplines, CARTEdition has traced a path of investigation and reflection thanks to the consultancy of Samantha Punis – who has always been engaged in the development of projects and new ways of communicating the product and the artistic work – which adds an important piece to the specific nature of AtemporaryStudio.

CARTEdition — collection 2022:

Fabrice Hyber

with Organic proposes a project dense with concepts pivotal to his work in which the worlds of man and nature come together in search of balance, parts of the same biotope. The subject depicted includes a large tree to which man is connected through the umbilical cord, Mother Nature who nourishes us and gives life, a generating power from which we cannot prescind.


— a collective founded by Jimmie Durham, Maria Thereza Alves and Kai-Morten Vollmer with the participation of artists/designers Jone Kvie, Elisa Strinna, Philip Modersohn. They therefore started from the original sketches graphic powder prints that Jimmie Durham had made with stuffed animals that were transposed onto paper, conveying a vivid expression of the inner narratives that this visual imagery represents, somewhere between comfort and dreams. Traces and Shiny Evidence combines performative action, the genesis of the work, with the abstract and liquid dimension of dreams. 

Liliana Moro

with Black and Birds opens us to the dimension of the sky with a flock of migratory birds, bee-eaters, flying over black backgrounds as a reference to the dimension of emptiness and infinity. A work that, in its stillness, evokes movement. It is the swiftly approaching flock, in the silence one can almost hear the beating of wings. 

Riccardo Previdi

realizes for CARTEdition a project entitled Maneki Neko. Traditional Japanese welcome cats, black on a white background, are aligned in a plastic, almost three-dimensional way to reshape space. The artist has used this symbol in several works to convey a sense of openness and permeability capable of accommodating the growing complexity of a world in constant transformation.

Francesco Simeti

His work plunges us into a fantastic landscape in which plants and flowers envelop the space in a riot of vegetation that looks inviting but when observed carefully hides anomalies. A persuasive aesthetic sense conceals a deeper, more raw interpretation, a warning to our society about the environmental and social devastation we are causing and which we mask behind false appearances.

Donatella Spaziani

gives life to the project entitled 1:5 by activating a circular process starting from the use of old wallpapers assembled together in a coloured patchwork to become her wallcovering design. Scanned and enlarged five times, the old papers are transformed, altering the original image in an explosion of giant figures and countless details. A stylistic signature of the artist, black silhouettes of figures, taken from a series of self-shots, also appear in this project, transposed on the wall through the technique of drawing, floating between macroscopic flowers and details that are usually invisible.

Patrick Tuttofuoco

with Within Without, Patrick Tuttofuoco has succeeded in combining the cosmic and personal dimensions in a single work. he artist stages a game of juxtapositions between what is infinitely distant from us and what is close to us, what represents our private, intimate and domestic space. A process of transformation for a work created as a site- specific version in 2019 and now repurposed to fit in any context.


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