CREAttivo / CREAtivity

excellence from art to business

  On the common thread of creativity stretching between art and business, using display sketches, photographs, furniture, video to narrate the production process from design to product. New scenarios for mosaic.  Opening on Saturday 10 October at 11.00 at Palazzo Tadea, in the Castle of...

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Condello / Caduta e rinascita – Fall and Rebirth

  A full-bodied and complex project based on the dialogue between contemporary sculpture and prestigious architectural and archaeological sites, Caduta e Rinascita (Fall and Rebirth) — under the artistic direction of Sabrina Zannier — has the artist Calogero Condello as its leading player, engaged in...

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Maravee dress

  Sparkling, explosive, colorful, ironic and seductive! The 19th edition of the Maravee Festival, entitled Dress, concentrates three events in July. In Grado, the Colloredo Castle and Gemona.     Limits and difficulties always offer the opportunity to face stimulating challenges – says the artistic...

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39° Premio Amidei

International Award for best Screenplay

  After months of uncertainty and forced to reprogram an edition that should have welcomed prestigious interpreters of international cinema and screenwriting in Gorizia, the “Sergio Amidei” Award confirms an edition that – although remodeled in the contents and in the general program – does...

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Incisioni Collection

by Federico Peri for Purho Murano

Pleating, soft colours and the unmistakable transparency of Murano glass in the new collection Incisioni by Federico Peri for Purho Murano.   Objects with minute dimensions whose material surfaces offer unexpected textures and soft geometries. Lume, Lumino, Iride and Linae are the names of the first objects from...

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