Wormwood by Italesse

Imagine a crowded, smoky atmosphere bathed in a sophisticated dim light, interrupted only by incessant background shouting and the rhythmic notes of swing music. The backdrop is Prohibitionism of 1920s New York, or – as they were called – the Roaring Twenties.

The new Wormwood collection by Italesse is inspired by this intriguing, mysterious Belle Epoque atmosphere. In the lines, the decoration and the quasi-trailblazing taste Wormwood puts the spotlight back on the world of cocktail bars and their protagonists.

Overtly retro in its aesthetics, the new collection is decidedly cutting edge, technically and functionally speaking. A qualitative goal that Italesse has set itself and intends to keep at the highest level, evermore frequently entrusting design teams of professionals from different fields with the task of developing new products.

Wormwood is no exception. In fact, even in this case Italesse united names of the calibre of Giancarlo Mancino, internationally famous bartender as well as one of the most qualified opinion leaders in the cocktail sector, and high-end designer Luca Trazzi to develop a daring, unmistakable, technically infallible collection able to surpass the minimalism of the early 2000s with grace and a touch of inspiration.

The result? You find yourself amidst vintage style wine glasses and glasses in high quality crystalline glass, in technical tasting shapes, that are perfect for professional use and are of an absolute elegance.
Decorated with hypnotic branches, flowers and provocative absinthe fairies, the Wormwood collection glasses echo some names and terms deriving from the cocktail world like Astoria, Presidente, Rock-Gobbler, Alto-Ball, Galante and Fizz.

A versatile collection whose individual elements lend themselves to different uses, like the Alto-Ball: the height and capacity of the glass are designed to serve great classics like Gin and Tonic that thanks to its short stem however, it lends itself flawlessly to serving craft beers or water. Galante and Fizz, wine glasses for red and white wines and Champagne flutes respectively, complete the new collection of cocktail glasses. For a decidedly reloaded vintage mood.

Wormwood by Italesse

official launch

13.02.2015 - 17.02.2015

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