Italesse News 2015

The exaltation of shapes that heighten the tasting experience, the exaltation of taste, the gratification of the senses. This is how the 2015 Italesse collection introduces itself. A collection that contains a world of sensory suggestions, linked not only to taste but also to sight and touch, studied down to the tiniest detail to bring tasting excellence to the table.

An impressive five new pieces are making their entrance into the wide range of Italesse products: the Etoilé collection, the Balloon Flûtes, the highly technical Sparkle rwine-tasting glass created with Luca Bini, the extremely colourful series of Mares Tumblers and, last but not least, the brand new Tiburón Magnum Flûte that completes the already iconic Tiburón collection.

Etoilé is a sophisticated collection of elegantly designed wine glasses mainly dedicated to Michelin-starred upscale restaurants. Hand blown and elaborated, the Etoilé wine glasses present a long stem, only apparently fragile as the use of Excellence® glass makes it high performing. Excellence® is a high quality clear glass with an artisanal production technique that makes it exceptionally thin, light and shiny. Composed by two wine glasses (Etoilé Noir and Etoilé Blanc), a flute (Etoilé d’Or) and a water glass (Etoilé Cristal), the collection is the answer to the expectations of demanding wine tasters.

In line with the latest trends in tasting and consumption in the Champange world – scenic and elegant – the Balloon Flûtes series stands out for the largeness of the bowl in contrast to the closure of the rim and for the extraordinarily deep laser-engraved perlage point piqûre. Elements that allow sparkling wines to be exceptionally enhanced, favouring the persistence of the chains of bubbles, the development of the aromas, subsequently directed to the tasting senses. The series features three glasses: Balloon Flute, Grand Balloon Flute e Balloon Magnum Flute.

Sparkle, the new glass created by Luca Bini to taste Trento Doc, is a unique piece that carries with it a sense of challenge and innovative charm. Dedicated to tasting champagnes obtained with the classic method, Sparkle has a paraison reminiscent of the traditional Champagne bowl and a height inspired by the flute. Perlage is enhanced by seven laser incisions, one central and six positioned in a circular crown. Made in clear glass with pull-stem technology, Sparkle hits the market after two years of designing by its creator and the anticipation of the manufacturers.

The extremely colourful Mares collection closes the array of new items. Composed by six hand blown tumblers using a melange of coloured glass pastes, the collection is the result of the knowledge of Eastern glass masters who possess extremely ancient production techniques. Completely singular and different from one another, the Mares tumblers are unique pieces whose production never exceeds sixty units per day. Inspired by the underwater world of coral reefs where the explosion of nuances is intense and unique, the Mares tumblers promise to bring the same uniqueness to the table and to everyday life.


Italesse News 2015

Official launch
24.01.2015 - 28.01.2015

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