A project by Marco Tagliafierro



Ph. Valentina Cunja


AtemporaryStudio is enriched by an important contribution, a new column, conceived, written and edited by Marco Tagliafierro, entitled Confinis.

A series of cross interviews that juxtapose artists with exponents of other disciplines chosen by them. 

A ping pong of “symbols, thoughts, words, colours and a stimulus to the comparison and coexistence of multiple and multifaceted identities and migrant personalities” as stated by Marco Tagliafierro.

An example of how a sensitivity and curiosity towards knowledge that apparently travels on separate tracks, through the ability of art to unify and cut across, can invite us to read our present with new eyes full of depth and meaning.


Confinis is dedicated to AtemporaryStudio because each interview takes place on the point of contact between different identities that are matched in binomial pairs, a concept close to the hearts of both the ten-year work of the Studio and to Marco Tagliafierro’s internationally recognised projects. 

The macro themes are those of contemporary art, design, applied creativity and its manifestation in extreme and unique forms of investigation. Product and artistic project in dialogue, research on materials, from glass to other border-crossings for unexpected revelations.





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