The festival of Immaterial Culture

Ephemera, the first Italian festival dedicated to Immaterial Culture, was created to talk about the contemporary scene with 5 events for 5 locations. 

Ephemeral is the essence of art, of sociality sociability, of the collective, of a time that has undermined its possibility of happening a period that undermined the possibility of it happening; but the ephemera are also the traces left in individual and collective memories, in intimate and shared places, in subjective habits and social rituals. In art, it is those fragments that tell of the process, which refer to the genesis, necessity, persistence and pragmatics pragmatism of artistic, cultural and human events.

Ephemera is conceived, curated and directed by Eleonora Cedaro, Michela Lupieri and Rachele D’Osualdo.


Official presentation

Thursday 16 June 2022, 6.30 pm

Martincigh Library – Udine (I)

Various locations

16 June > 16 October 2022


For more informations: ephemerafestival.it


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