The Age of Remedy

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, just a few kilometres away, two important artistic entities exist side by side: VIGNE MUSEUM Cultural Association and RAVE East Village Artist Residency. Both, united by a similar and complementary vision, investigate the emergencies of our time through contemporary art and...

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Verde repiro

Maravee Object - Festival Maravee, XVIII edition

MARAVEE, the contemporary art and entertainment festival conceived and directed by Sabrina Zannier returns with a new and overwhelming edition from May 2019 to February 2020. Fresh, unexpected, in between art and design, the 18th edition of the festival will not betray expectations by confirming...

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Festival Maravee 2018 - XVII edition

The intense series of events marked Maravee, the festival conceived and directed by Sabrina Zannier now in its 17th edition, will be back starting from August. Characterized since the very beginning by an artistic language open to contaminations between disciplines, Maravee doesn’t betray the expectations...

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Faces, places, testimonies to re-read the Trentino region though the history and life of those who have contributed – with their works – to make it worldwide known and esteemed. The journey of “Ritratti” (Portraits) – the new section of the online newspaper of the...

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On the occasion of the first-ever The Venice Glass Week, AtemporaryStudio and Advantage Austria are going to take the best glass design from Austria to Venice in an exhibition with a self-explanatory title: AUSTRIAN GLASS CORE.

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The taste of life in the labyrinth of reason! This is how Maravee Mind Festival presents the polyedric universe of artist and film director Bigas Luna through exhibitions and shows in which the life and works of the author dialogue with those of a group of artists paying...

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Opening on 10th September, Light Blowing is a group exhibition curated by Ilaria Ruggiero and Samantha Punis that presents the richness and complexity of lighting production in hand blown glass today. The exhibition includes nine of the world’s best glass artisans and takes place on...

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AtemporaryApartment – Porto Piccolo

We’re pleased to welcome you to our AtemporaryApartment to cheer you up with a selection of “love pieces” designed by Botteganove, ENDE ceramics, Lock, Giraldi Calenda Design, PIKKA, Naanstudio, Jaquió and the amazing textile selection by Andromeda Trieste.

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19° D/A/C (Denominazione Artistica Condivisa) MEETING ARTISTS vs ENTREPRENEURS

D/A/C brings on its research on Italian entrepreneurship and on its extraordinary ability to integrate contemporary art in ordinary life. A lifestyle as well as a way of thinking. The XIX° incontro D/A/C (Denominazione Artistica Condivisa) will take place Friday March 17 marzo 2017 at 4 pm @ Università IUAV in Venice (room A2 inside the Cotonificio)  See press...

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