Purho presents “Like Drops from Heaven” by Karim Rashid @ MDW18

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Like Drops from Heaven  is an evocative title, a story with images description.
 This is how the luminous installation consists of over thirty Flik signed by Karim Rashid e conceived by Purho for the Milan Design Week 2018.

“Like drops from Heaven” by Karim Rashid for Purho @ MDW18

Hosted at the entrance of the Cloister of San Marco in the heart of Brera as part of ABLE TO design + art, Like Drops from Heaven plays on the apparent absence of ceiling and anchored structures of the location so to present a cascade of luminous bodies in the shape of a drop as if suspended in mid-air. A strange, enveloping, almost immersive glance that relies on the emotional power of the extraordinary mixture of glass, light and color.

An element that represents a real strong point of Purho brand assorted with a rich color palette, composed of 21 vitaminic shades treated in purity. And starting from Milan Design Week the collection will enrich with the two new shades Ink Blue and Opal White.

Flik table lamp by Karim Rashid per Purho


Produced exclusively for the Milanese event, Like Drops from Heaven will then reassert the centrality of the lighting design within the production of Purho focusing once again on the extraordinary potential of the meeting between the world of contemporary design with that of Murano glassmaking. History, skills, tradition, craftsmanship and new forms of creativity interpenetrate to give birth to a new generation of products in which “creativity is the expression of a cultural heritage”.

A quote borrowed from the concept proposed by ABLE TO design + art which lends itself well to interpreting the deeper soul of Purho.

Flik by Karim Rashid for Purho



Like Drops from Heaven by Karim Rashid 

for Purho

Milan Design Week 2018 

ABLE TO design + art 

Via San Marco 2 - Milano 

April 17-22, 2018 

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