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From the combination of the “gentle kindness of soft projects” with Murano blown glass and tempered glass, a collection of objects with a unique flavour is born in which contrasting tactile qualities establish a new dialogue: between hot and cold, soft and hard, shiny and opaque. These opposing aspects characterise the release of a collaboration between Colleoni Arte and Purho, world premiered at Milan Design Week 2019.

Magus 13 by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

Entrusted to the creativity of the architect Filippo Feroldi, Holo and Magus – respectively a series of tables and chandeliers shaped into new, geometrically rigorous forms, together with the new table version – will be presented in the spaces of theLighea Onlus Foundation in the 5vie Art + Design district transformed for the Milanese event into a immersive environment characterized by warm colours, velvets, linens, silks with a variety of forms and textures.

Set up by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

A dialogue between produce and environment, which tells of long investigations into places where the worlds of fabric and glass meet. A “Incalmo” — hence the name of the installation inspired by the technique of joining several pieces of blown glass — of skills and know-how deriving from the long association with Purho and Colleoni Arte from the world of high craftsmanship, bespoke interior design, artistic workshops and historic furnaces for a new way of home decoration.

The Holo and Magus series thus present themselves as objects capable of establishing a new emotional value through the manipulation of special materials, plastic shapes, chromatic variations, new tactile and visual sensations.

Magus – a chandelier composed of 18 cm Murano blown glass spheres each attached to a supporting structure of variable size and shape through fabric-coated rods – arrives in Milan in two new ceiling versions, Magus 5 and Magus 13, and the new Magus table lamp.

If Magus 5 selects a linear fitting of five lights in series, smoothing the surfaces of the ceiling structure and of the rods by covering them in Italian salmon-coloured silk satin, Magus 13, in contrast, chooses the path of “groupage,” mounting 13 lights and as many rods in Italian gobelin fabric to the octagonal brass structure fixed to the ceiling.

The same concept for two profoundly different products, not only for finishes and fabrics, which can be customised according to the interior design or at the customer’s request, but also for the heights that make it possible to transform theMagus chandelier from an ideal light point for the dining area with ambient light, into lighting with a more suffused feel for living areas.

In both cases, Magus offers a unique focal point from which the unprecedented combination of different materials, consistencies and opposing colours emerge strongly. All sublimated by the purity of the Murano glass spheres available in the 21 special colours of the Purho colour chart.

Contrast is the leitmotif for the new Magus table lamp. Essential, refined, almost ethereal, the Magus table lamp rests on a glass base emphasizing the solids and voids within the brass and Dedar velvets structure, completed by a Murano glass sphere.

Magus table lamp by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

Magus table lamp by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

The brand new Holo tables also make their debut at the MDW19, with their amazing shapes, graceful when resting on the most restrained coffee tables, unexpected when reread in the form of a console table.
Characterized by an octagonal brass structure in which every bend, angle, inclination have been studied in the smallest detail, the tables are surmounted by a sheet of tempered glass back-coloured in two different shades which in turn rests on a base lined with deliberately heavy textured fabrics.

Holo 280 by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

Holo 130 by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

Holo Consolle by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

Holo 130 [ detail ] by Filippo Feroldi for Purho + Colleoni Arte

The end result is a family of tables with explosive force.
The volumes, the technical details, the study of colour and the craftsmanship with which they were made speaks of the culture of the project in the most respectful and consistent sense of the term. They are inclusive pieces because they are able to look at the history of design while at the same time embedded into the most contemporary modernity.



Milano Design Week 2019

5vie Art + Design District


Fondazione Lighea Onlus
Via Santa Marta 15, Milano
entrance to the public Via San Maurilio

April 9th — 14th, 2019


Magus table lamp

c/o Atelier VM
Corso Garibaldi 127, Milano www.colleoniarte.con

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