CREAttivo #2

Arte e Impresa FVG nel Parco
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Palazzo Tadea
Castello di Spilimbergo (Pn)
15 January – 13 February 2022
from Monday to Friday, from 10.30am to 12.30pm
Saturday and Sunday, from 3pm to 7pm

Saturday 15 January 2022,  11am



The work in progress of CREAttivo 2 – which involves the companies Legnolandia, Gervasoni, Very Wood and the Mosaic School of Friuli – arrives on show at Palazzo Tadea in Spilimbergo on Saturday 15 January to emphasise the importance of creating an ideational, pragmatic and emotional bridge between the creativity of our cultural heritage and the manufacturing sectors.

In a design path from concept to product, photographs, furniture prototypes and videos will be exhibited on display to promote the aestheticization of everyday life with a conscious green breath.

During the inauguration, the awards ceremony will be held for the artists Amos Carcano, Iris Picco, Jonas Paul Giubbini and Laura Seravalli.




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