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Inaugural presentation
10 April — 15 May 2021


open every Saturday from 10am to 7pm
and by appointment during the week



Arcipèlago — a new creative space located at the graphic studio Designwork in Udine — will be inaugurated Saturday 10 April 2021. Its first exhibition will celebrate contemporary creation in every form by displaying works from 23 artists whose path has crossed, in work or in life, the ones of the Arcipèlago founders, Artemio Croatto e Charlotte Ménard.

The visitor will travel adrift among photographs, illustrations, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and graphic design: a real constellation of artworks presented in an intuitive, lively space where art can be appreciated in a cheerful, non-elitist way.


Carlo Cumini


Creative friends have been summoned to celebrate eclecticism and poetry in all simplicity with photographs by Gianni Antoniali, Barbara Cignolini, Massimo Crivellari, Artemio Croatto, Maris Croatto, Fabio Cussigh, Massimo Gardone, Matteo Lavazza Seranto, Elisa Moro, Silvia di Natale, Alessandro Paderni, Laura Tessaro, Flavie Trichet Lespagnol, Gianluca Vassallo; paintings by Léna Chalazonitis and Ola Odzioba; illustrations by Giovanna Durì, Makis Malafekas and Erika Pittis; graphic design by Roberto Duse; ceramics by Sonia Armellin e Studio Terra-e and sculptures by Carlo Cumini.

“The idea of Arcipèlago comes from a strong desire to create new bonds, to make stimulating encounters and curate the artists that we like in a relaxed atmosphere. We wished to propose above all a positive and joyful approach. For the first exhibition we didn’t set limits, neither thematic nor of artistic language. The main goal is to create a nest of possibilities, to welcome an archipelago of imagination and explore the creative act in total freedom. We wanted to build an inhabited vibe, a sort of a visual travel diary. Everything we like can exist side-by-side and from accumulation comes poetry explains Artemio Croatto.

The space – defined “ephemeral” – will open without any constraint of planning or programming. Events will depend on the different themes that the founders will be wishing to explore, depending on what will provoke their curiosity or attract their attention. This flexibility will allow them to respect the pace of work of the studio Designwork, to conceive other exhibitions in Italy or abroad, and will help to evolve the initial project of Arcipèlago over the next few months.


Erika Pittis



Artemio Croatto
Visual communication, graphic design, corporate identity and artistic direction are the working fields by which Artemio Croatto has founded the studio Designwork in Udine in 2001. Among its clients, some of the most important brands of Italian and international design, well-known publishing houses and important cultural institutions. In 2014 he won the Compasso d’Oro ADI award for the artistic direction of the editorial project “Inventory” of the Foscarini company. From 2005 to 2011 he taught Visual Communication at the Venice Faculty of Design and Arts (IUAV) and has been teaching Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Udine since 2018.

Charlotte Ménard
Charlotte Ménard has worked for fifteen years in the modern and contemporary art scene of Paris, collaborating with major publishing houses and artist studios. She was responsible for the exhibitions and collection at the Yves Klein Foundation and accompanied the artist’s work in the world’s largest museums. A year ago she settled in Udine and discovered the liveliness of Friuli. With Francesca Petricich and Sonia Armellin she created the ceramic studio “Terra-e” and will be introducing a series of contemporary art exhibitions at the Canus Winery next June.


Sandro Paderni



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