Press office and art / design advisory firm run by Samantha Punis and Giovanna Felluga devoted to contemporary art and design industry, yet passionate about creativity shapes

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Atemporary is a communication and advisory studio in the field of design and contemporary art. It was founded by Samantha Punis and Giovanna Felluga, two professionals working in their respective sectors of press office and creative management, art brokerage and consultancy. Their aim is to propose a personalized approach to the sector of design and contemporary art.

Samantha and Giovanna share a common vision on the role of creativity today. They work at international level to turn their vision in projects that can stimulate a constructive dialogue between the enterprise sector and contemporary art, design, hybrid research areas and new creative languages. Their work is underpinned by a strong network of relations and by the fundamental contribution of specialized collaborators.

Samantha Punis is in charge of AtemporaryStudio design department and communication consultant for firms in this sector. She develops alternative product or concept promotion strategies, curates exhibitions and specific projects and coordinates press offices on a global scale to provide an integrated communication service in the sector of design, contemporary art, artist design and architecture.

Giovanna Felluga is in charge of the contemporary art sector. She works as a cultural broker to set up projects involving international artists and entrepreneurs to stimulate new relations and creative processes in firms to improve the personal, business and cultural experience of those involved.

The Studio’s customers are designers, architects, cultural institutions and especially firms investing in research and design and believing in the hybridization of different forms of creativity. These companies embrace new production philosophies and invest in communication.

Design Exibition

Samantha Punis’ deep understanding of the design sector, her continuous research and direct contacts with entrepreneurs, designers and artists are her main asset and they have become AtemporaryStudio’s trademark. She can develop projects joining unconventional concepts, definite curatorial choices and a rigorous creative direction.

These projects are essential for communication concerning a product, a designer or a business and therefore AtemporaryStudio has organised a network of high quality specialists in the following areas:

  • collaboration with designers, architects, artists and firms to develop new projects;
  • organization of conferences, roundtables and seminars on contemporary culture and with a special focus on art, design and new hybrid cultural forms;
  • cooperation and coordination of graphics, photography and copywriting;
  • cooperation and coordination of technicians and services;
  • cooperation and coordination of stylists and stagers for the setting up of locations;
  • cooperation and coordination of food and beverage services;
  • location management and
  • project management.

Press Office

The press office service for firms and cultural events in the sector of contemporary art, design and architecture is the result of Samantha Punis’ ten-year long career in the communication field at international level. A wide network of contacts, collaborators and media driven dynamics are the tools we daily use to build the identity and the visibility of our customers, business partners and high level cultural institutions.

>The method AtemporaryStudio applies is the result of surveys and research carried out in collaboration with marketing departments, consultants and research companies to outline our operational guidelines:

  • creation of a firm identity or definition of a cultural project;
  • selections of objectives;
  • placing of the brand on the market or inclusion of the event in the art and cultural scene;
  • selection and fragmentation of the target public;
  • use of operational tools to reach the objectives;
  • programming of the communication plan development and
  • results assessment.

We take care of everything from local coverage, that is essential to deeply root a business in its local area, to global coverage and we identify the macro areas of our intervention. Our on paper, web and social press office provides the following services:

  • copy;
  • organization and coordination of press conferences;
  • planning of press kits;
  • paper and digital press reviews;
  • firm newsletters;
  • update of press and news sections of corporate web sites and
  • coordination of foreign press offices and public relations.

Art Advisory

Giovanna Felluga is the Art Advisor of AtemporaryStudio. She has studied in some of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Italy and in the United States. Our Art Advisory service speaks to cultural institutions and firms interested in art and experimentation of new creative languages keeping close ties with the international art collection world.

Giovanna Felluga is cultural broker for D/A/C (Denominazione Artistica Condivisa), a project by RAM radioartemobile to set up shared projects involving entrepreneurs and artists to stimulate new dynamics in the filed of firm relationships and creation. The objective is the personal, business and cultural improvement of those involved: artist, entrepreneur and employees in an internal process that becomes a message to society.


Public relations are the perfect plus of the technical press office service because our strength is the wide network of international contacts we have developed.

The dual nature characterising AtemporaryStudio – business world and cultural world, journalism world and critic world, high circulation and personal approach – has allowed us to enlarge our ubiquitous and heterogeneous network on the basis of gender, role and geographical position.

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